A downloadable game for Windows

A 2-4 local multiplayer game where when you hit an enemy your sword shrinks in size. The level is constantly side scrolling so you have to be careful of falling to your death or falling behind.

  • A and D - Left and Right
  • W and Space - Jump
  • J - Attack
  • Analog stick - Move
  • A - Jump
  • X - Attack
Future Plans
  • 4 player
  • More maps
  • Update Art style
  • Control change


Health_Sword 1.1.zip 13 MB


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Nice! I have some suggestions too for the gamepads :P

Up=Jump; A=Attack.

40% of deadzone (actually is 20%) is better for digital inputs, expecially for diagonals.

Alternative idea:

Y=Jump; Y+Down=Drop from platform; B=Attack.

if you prefer X to attack and A to jump, please keep Y and B also (really, I can't understand how people can play with jump in bottom position?!?!?)

Thanks for the feedback. Ill try to add in the option to change controls

Played the game.  My wife and I thought it was nice and simple because it is something that young children could play. 

I noticed that player 2 could jump in the beginning and hit player 1 before either left the starting area.  I don't know if it is intended or not but thought I would comment on it.

Because the players are so big it can be hard to dodge the opponent.  If you could add a third set of platforms and make the player characters smaller it will add more depth to the tactics and character positioning.

If you end up fleshing out the game more let me know if I can help bug/play test the game.

Thanks for the feedback I am aware of the hitting the player issue the current map is just a test so I will be intending to make more maps most of which are stationary